Letter to Directors of Dunnes Stores

To:          All Dunnes Stores Members

Re:         Permanent 10% Pay Rise and 20% Discount Card

28 September 2021

Dear Member,

As we have received no response from Dunnes Stores to our letter dated 12th May 2021 in the above regard we have again written to the company on behalf of all Dunnes Workers requesting that they make permanent the 10% pay rise and the 20% discount card.

The letter has been sent to the following;

Margaret Heffernan   Director                       Sandra Buckley          Human Resources
Frank Dunne              Director                       Tim O’Mahony            Human Resources
Anne Heffernan         Director                       Nora O’Donnell          Human Resources
Sharon McMahon       Director                       Dermot Macken          Human Resources
                                                                       Louise McNairney       Human Resources

The contents of the letter are below for your information.

We will keep you updated on any developments.

Yours fraternally
The Dunnes Stores National Committee


23 September 2021

RE:       Permanent 10% Pay Rise and 20% Discount Card


It is with great disappointment we note that the company have dismissed our previous correspondence dated 12th May 2021 and have chosen not to engage or correspond with Mandate Trade Union regarding our outstanding claim. 

Given the role that all frontline workers in Dunnes have played and continue to perform throughout the pandemic we believe the matter should be treated as one of urgency.  The Dunnes Stores National Committee which is represented by Dunnes Stores workers nationwide firmly believe that all their colleagues, who put themselves in danger on a daily basis throughout multiple lockdowns, are justified in their request to make permanent the 10% pay rise, as well as increases in the staff discount card. The consolidation of a Covid Bonus Premium onto the base rate of pay would give certainty of earnings to workers and strip away the precarious nature of their current weekly earnings, which diminishes the extent to which any worker can properly plan for their future.

We are asking that our requests are considered meaningfully and that the company respond positively to our claim. We consider the company’s refusal to acknowledge the claim as a blatant disregard to what our colleagues believe is a fair claim for improvements in their pay and terms and conditions.

Yours Sincerely,

The Dunnes National Committee of Mandate Trade Union


There is Power in a Union


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