Letter to Directors of Dunnes Stores

12 May 2021

To:  All Dunnes Stores Members

From:  The Dunnes National Committee

Re:  Letter to Dunnes Directors to make 10% Premium & 20% Discount Card Permanent

Following an overwhelming endorsement by members, we have written to the Directors of Dunnes Stores to make the 10% premium and 20% discount card permanent. See copy of letter below:


Directors Dunnes Stores
Ms. Margaret Heffernan
Mr. Frank Dunne
Ms. Anne Heffernan
Ms. Sharon McMahon
46 – 50 South Great George’s Street
Dublin 2

12th May 2021

Dear Margaret, Frank, Anne & Sharon,

We write to you on behalf of our fellow co-workers in Dunnes Stores across Ireland. 

For over a year the staff have worked hard keeping Dunnes Stores running and serving our communities through Covid-19.  It hasn’t been easy.  We have consistently put ourselves and our families at risk. 

Last year at the start of the pandemic we asked the company for a 10% premium and for an increase to the staff privilege card to a 20% discount for all staff.   We very much welcomed your decision to agree to these.  

More than a year on the staff feel strongly that it’s time that both of these benefits are made permanent instead of having to worry if and when the company might revoke them. It would give great peace of mind to us and our families knowing that both the 10% pay rise and 20% discount card are made permanent and secure. 

We believe that it’s something we’ve earned and we are fairly certain it’s something that the company can afford.

We look forward to your prompt consideration and confirmation of our request.


The Dunnes National Committee of Mandate Trade Union

Cc:  All Mandate members in Dunnes Stores