Mandate Members – Boots Blackpool

DATE:      29th November 2021

TO:          Mandate Members, Boots Blackpool, Cork

FROM:    John O’ Donnell, Industrial Officer Organiser

RE:          Boots Blackpool – Various Issues

Dear Member

Below find copy of correspondence sent to Mr. Mark McCasker,  Area Manager South,  for your information.

By: email and post: 


29th November 2021

Mr. Mark McCasker
Area Manager South
Boots Retail Ireland Ltd
Level 2
5 Riverwalk
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24


Re: Boots Blackpool – Various Issues

Dear Mr. McCasker

Following a meeting with our members in the Blackpool store, several issues have been raised that require immediate attention.

  • Our members have expressed serious concern regarding their Health & Safety and wellbeing as the store does not have a security presence on Monday and Tuesday each week. We are informed that this has led to an increase in security and anti-social behaviour issues in store on said days. Our members have stated this is causing them a great deal of anxiety while at work and while locking up the store at close of business. The Health and Safety of our members is of the utmost priority and we assume this is also a top priority for the company. Therefore, this issue must be addressed as a matter of urgency
  • Rosters are being posted 4 weeks in advance as is the policy, however we are advised that they are constantly being altered without consultation or agreement with the members concerned. This is a blatant breach of policy and must be rectified immediately.
  • Unfortunately, several positive Covid-19 cases have been reported in the store since the beginning of the pandemic. During that period our members have raised concerns as to how no other member of staff has been deemed a close contact, despite the fact they may have worked with the person affected for a prolonged period. In addition, it is reported that no deep clean or increased cleaning took place in store following a confirmed positive Covid-19 case. A specific response to this query is requested.                                                                                                                       
  • We have been made aware several permanent staff have left the business over the last number of months. However, no attempt has been made to replace these permanent positions. This has resulted in an increased workload and daily pressure for our members. We are now seeking confirmation from the company that the vacant permanent positions will be filled at the earliest opportunity.

I am requesting that you address all of the above concerns and contact the undersigned with your response.


Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

John O’ Donnell
Industrial Officer Organiser

cc.  All members Boots Blackpool


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