Mandate Members – Dublin North Division

07th September 2023

Dear Member

We wish to invite you to Dublin North Division Joint Local Council meeting which will take place on Monday September 18th from 7pm in Mandate Head Office.

Please note this invitation is for all Mandate Members working in the Dublin North Division who may be interested in attending the next Biennial Delegate Conference.

The purpose of this meeting is give information and training with regards to:

  1. Role of Mandate Local Councils
  2. Rules & Procedures for BDC Delegates

Please complete the form below to confirm your availability to attend:

Are you available to attend the local council training on Monday 18th Sept. @7pm?

Should you require further information with regards to this event or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca/Terri on 0874417934/018746321 or email

Kind Regards

Jim Fuery, Divisional Organiser

Ken Reilly, Industrial Officer Organiser

Greg Caffrey, Industrial Officer Organiser

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