Mandate Members in the Licensed Trade – Midlands Division

To: Mandate Members – Licensed Trade (Midlands Division)

Re: Latest Guidelines dealing with Ventilation in the Workplace

Date: Monday 19th July 2021

Dear Member,

Further to the Retail Roundtable meeting chaired by Minister English on Thursday 15th July, please see below for your information:

  • Health and Safety Authority (HSA)

One of the aspects in the revised Work Safely Protocol (WSP) published in May was a focus on increasing ventilation in the workplace. 

The HSA has published a new checklist on ventilation as part of its suite of COVID-19 WSP Templates and Checklists for Employers.

These checklists have been prepared to help Employers, Business Owners and Managers to get their business up and running again, in a way that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The information in this checklist complements the advice contained in “Section D: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning” in the Work Safely Protocol. 

Please see the following link and attached file – WSP Employer Checklist No.8: Ventilation

If you have any further queries please contact your Mandate Official at 01-8746321

Yours fraternally,

Amanda Kane, Divisional Organiser