Mandate Members – Penneys

To: All Penneys Members

Re: Update – Banded Hours

Date: 8th November 2021

Dear Members,

As you may be aware Mandate and the Company have had a number of discussions in an effort to identify an agreeable and fair reference period for this years banded hour review.

The discussions are being held within confines of our collective agreement on Banded Hours and in particular section 4.3 which states “adjustments will be required to take account of unusual circumstances which may have inflated/reduced an individual’s weekly average”.

Accordingly, both parties have worked through a number of different options and the following reference period appears to be the most reflective in the circumstances; –

The normal banded hour review period will apply. During the period of store closure no hours were physically worked , however, the company have agreed that these weeks will be calculated at 80% contracted hours.    Due to increased demand before and after announced lockdowns, 6 weeks of inflated hours will be removed from the reference period (wks 5 & 6 and wks 35,36,37,38).

Having reviewed the figures, it appears that due to pent up customer demand pre and post lockdown, hours were increased over a sustained period and therefore the revised reference period may lead to more members than normal benefiting from a band increase. Notwithstanding this the company have agreed to the period having regard to the fact that members didn’t get the opportunity to apply for a band increase in September last year.

Please note that normal procedures of applying for an increase to your band apply.  The company will accept applications form from colleagues from 14th November to 27th November 2021. Click Here for Application Form

The Company will then meet with each colleague individually to discuss their application.

If you have any further queries your Store, Shop Steward or local Official will be able to support you.

Yours Fraternally,

The Penneys National Strategy Team