Mandate Members – Stafford Lynch

To: All Members

Re: Update – Banded Hours

Date: 14th October 2021

Dear Members,

I refer to correspondence which you may have received from the company on October 5th last. The correspondence makes reference to Mandate’s unavailability for a WRC hearing on September 21st and outlines that the hearing was rescheduled for Monday 11th October.

Whilst it is correct to say that Mandate were unavailable to attend on September 21st owing to a bereavement, it was inaccurate to report that the hearing was taking place on October 11th, as the WRC had offered that date but advised the Union that the date did not suit the company and was not proceeding.

Please note that we have written to the WRC seeking an urgent date and we will update you accordingly.

Finally as discussed at out meeting in the Mandate training centre, once we have a date for the WRC we will issue template letters for members to withdraw cooperation with project phoenix.   

Yours Fraternally,

Robert McNamara