Mandate Members – Supervalu Kane McCartney Group

05th September 2023

Dear Members,

I write to you today to advise that all Mandate Members should be in receipt of a 5.5% pay increase, which was backdated from May 2023.

This pay increase was negotiated by your Trade Union Mandate with your employer.

In addition to this your Trade Union, Mandate, negotiated a 10% discount on all purchases for Mandate Members (subject to signing up to the Staff Real Rewards Scheme).

The current pay agreement runs 2023 – 2025 which was only achieved through the collective bargaining process, which was unanimously ratified by you the Members.

Please make every effort to encourage and inform new workers at your stores to join Mandate Trade Union and of the benefits and protections Mandate Trade Union provides to its members.

Please feel free to contact myself, through Mandate Dublin North Division by phoning 0874417934 or 018746321 alternatively you can email and I will be happy to assist you on any inquires you may have regarding your employment.

If you would like to be more active in your store by becoming a local representative, do not hesitate to contact myself were I can provide you with additional information and training options.

Kind Regards,

Greg Caffrey

Industrial Officer Organiser

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