Mandate Members – Tesco Dublin North Division

16th May 2022

TO:                  All Mandate Members Tesco

Re:                   Labour Court Hearing    Tomorrow-Tuesday 17th May 2022

Dear Member

Ahead of tomorrow’s hearing in the Labour Court in relation to the outstanding pay claim, here is a brief reminder of what your elected Mandate National Negotiating Committee and your Mandate Officials will be putting forward on behalf of the members, and a comparison with what the company are putting forward as their argument.

Please share this graphic with other Mandate members, who may not have access to a smartphone, and share it with potential new members who may wish to have a vote on any possible recommendation issued by the Court in response to tomorrow’s hearing.

Remember, only trade union members will have a ballot on the acceptance or rejection of any Labour Court recommendation be it good, bad or indifferent, regardless of what you may be told elsewhere.

Anyone wishing to join at this time can visit

Further updates on the Labour Court procedures will be issued in due course

Yours sincerely

Ken Reilly
Industrial Officer Organiser
Dublin North Division                                                                                                 kr/ros:

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