Mandate Members Tesco – Pay & Benefits Claim Update

12th July 2021

Dear Members,

We just wanted to reach out to you, following a day of meaningful negotiations with your employer, Tesco. The company gave an overview of the matters they wished to discuss, as follows;

  • Consolidated pay rate(s)/Premium Pay
  • Pensions
  • Sick Pay
  • Maternity /Adoptive Leave Pay

Your negotiating team then outlined in general terms that your Union was seeking an upward adjustment in hourly rates of pay/earning levels on your behalf.

The company will give your negotiating team a specific pension briefing (virtually) on Tuesday 20th next, before the team will meet with the company again on Thursday July 22nd whereby it is expected that the company will put forward more detailed proposals regarding the above.

It goes without saying that you’re Union is committed to ensuring the best outcome for you and we will of course keep you fully briefed on the discussions as they progress.

Remember, we are stronger together! 

Yours fraternally,

Mandate, Tesco Negotiating Team