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9 November 2022

National Raise the Roof Rally Saturday, November 26 2022

Dear Member,

We are asking you to join us on Saturday November 26th  to help fix our broken housing system. 

We need a housing system that delivers secure and genuinely affordable homes for all who live and work in our society.   One that protects people from eviction and homelessness and helps build thriving, inclusive communities.  A housing system that delivers for workers, families and communities, not investment funds or developers. 

Successive governments have failed to deliver on these vital rights.   Instead, their policies have locked an entire generation out of the housing market, denying countless thousands any prospect of secure, independent living.   No one has been left untouched by this failure: young workers, families, students, older people, children, women, Travellers, single parents, people with disabilities, people in direct provision. 

It’s time we shouted stop!

It’s time we demanded new policies and measures to deliver the secure, affordable homes that are so desperately needed. 

On Saturday, November 26, 2022 the Raise the Roof campaign will hold a national Rally for Housing in Dublin.

It is vital that the voice of the Retail Sector is heard on November 26 and that we join the growing chorus demanding real change on housing.

All those who would like to join us should meet at Mandate Head Office, O’Lehane House, 9 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1 at 12.30pm.

Link to Google Maps here

Join us and help deliver that change.

Raise the Roof Manifesto: A New Deal for Housing

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