Mandate Midlands Division Tesco Members

14th December 2022

Dear Member,

Recently you would have received a Pay & Benefits pledge card by post to your home. We are requesting all members working in Tesco in the Midlands Division to sign the pledge to support the Pay & Benefits claim and return it by freepost to Mandate Head Office. If you have not posted your pledge yet, please do so today.

The pledge card is part of a National Tesco Pay & Benefits campaign and the sooner the pledge cards are returned to the Union the sooner Mandate can formally lodge the Pay & Benefits claim with Tesco management on your behalf. This style of pledge has proven to be a very effective tool with other Company’s such as Dunnes Stores, it is therefore imperative that all Tesco Mandate Members complete and submit their pledge at the earliest opportunity. 

The undersigned will be holding outreach meetings for every store in early January and I would encourage all members to make every effort to attend their relevant store meeting especially if they have any questions or queries with regard to the campaign. 

If you have not yet received the pledge card by post, we are requesting that you complete your contact details below and click submit.  A pledge card will then be posted to you. Finally, if any of your colleagues have not received this message or the pledge card please enter their details below or forward the text message with the link to this correspondence to them. 

Yours fraternally

Amanda Kane,
Divisional Organiser.   

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