Mandate Tesco Member Update

DATE:      13th January 2021

TO:          All Mandate Members North Eastern, Midlands, Dublin South & Wicklow and Dublin North Divisions 

FROM:    Keith Pollard, Divisional Organiser
Amanda Kane, Divisional Organiser
Robert McNamara, Divisional Organiser
Michael Meegan, Divisional Organiser

RE:          Withdrawal of COVID Ten Percent (10%) Payment

Dear Member

Please see below copy of correspondence sent today from Mr. Gerry Light, Mandate General Secretary to Mr. Frank Timmons, Tesco Head of Employee Relations with regard to the withdrawal of the COVID 10% payment.

Kind regards

Keith Pollard                                                     
Divisional Organiser 


Mr Frank Timmins
Head of Employee Relations
Tesco Ireland Ltd
Gresham House
Marine Road
Dun Laoghaire
Co Dublin


13 January 2021



RE: Withdrawal of Covid Ten Percent (10%) Payment

Dear Mr Timmins

I am writing to you to express in the strongest terms possible the feelings of utter disappointment and indeed anger felt by many of our members following the decision by their employer to cease the above payment.

Coming at a time when the incidence rate of infections and hospitalisations are at an all-time high this decision in their eyes shows scant regard to the extent they have placed their own and potentially the health and safety of their families and friends at risk in order to ensure the delivery of what is now considered to be an essential public service. They believe their collective dedication to duty has also in no small way contributed to a significant increase in turnover and profits which makes the decision to withdraw the payment even more bewildering and unacceptable to them.

In conclusion I have been instructed to seek a reversal of the decision and the immediate reinstatement of the payment, confirmation of which would be welcome by return.

Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

Gerry Light
General Secretary


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