Mandate Trade Union Member Update

To:      All Mandate Members

Re:      All Members Impacted by Autism and the Lack of State Supports

30 August 2022

Dear Members,

Further to a motion passed at our recent Conference in April 2022, highlighting the lack of resources and supports provided by government to people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families, the Assistant General Secretary, Mr. Jonathan Hogan is seeking contributions from all Mandate members who have children or loved ones with ASD, have autism themselves and/or who are aware of the shortfalls and the distress caused by the inadequate state supports in this area.

The Health Service Executive’s report on the Review of the Irish Health Services for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was launched in 2018. For your information please find the full HSE Report, its terms of reference and the findings/recommendations from the research.

Some examples of the report’s major findings established:

  1. “The need for increased availability and implementation of evidence-based practices. Respondents also highlighted the need for increased early intervention”.
  2. “There are large gaps in autism spectrum awareness training, knowledge and understanding in frontline services, in health care, in schools, in colleges, employment services, social services, and in local government”.
  3. “We need a single portal of information”.
  4. “Develop a national protocol for diagnosis of ASD”.
  5. The “need for a one-stop-shop model” for the relevant support services.”

Given the backdrop of the research outlined above and the commitments given by government to implement and address the outcomes established in the HSE report, Mandate understands that the services required and identified to support people with ASD have not been adequately addressed.

I am inviting submissions from members who want to take a collective approach to have a say in this area and give a voice to those of our families and friends that live with ASD. The member contributions that we are seeking will assist Mandate in the formulation of research that will be presented to the relevant government departments and Ministers demanding change. It is also our intention to provide copies of our research to other advocacy groups.

Your submission should reflect your experiences regarding the shortfalls and challenges in securing adequate state supports together with any suggestions for improving same. All statements can be sent to and the final submission will be anonymised and will not disclose any personal details. It would be greatly appreciated if all submissions could be received by Friday 30th September 2022.  

Yours fraternally

Jonathan Hogan
Assistant General Secretary

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