Mandate Youth Committee Summer School

24th June 2022

The Mandate Youth Committee are hosting a Summer School open to all Mandate Members under the age of 35 on Tuesday 26th July 2022 from 11am-4:30pm in Mandate Head Office, 9 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1.

The event will be opened by the President of Mandate Trade Union Denise Curran with the morning session focusing on explaining the structures of your union and the importance of organising in your workplace followed by 2 guest speakers, Roger Cole from The Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) who will be discussing why the question of Ireland’s neutrality has become so important in recent times. He will be followed by Doctor Connor McCabe who will discuss political economy, particularly the effects the rise in cost of living is having on young people.

This summer school has three primary objectives.

  1. To help young Mandate members meet one another and learn about each other’s struggles.
  2. To give young Mandate members basic organising skills that they can use in their places of work.
  3. To give young Mandate members a basic analysis of the political and economic decisions that underpin Ireland and issues facing young people today.

To see the full summer school agenda click here.

If you are interested in attending please complete this form to register for the event.

Registration for the event closes on 8th July 2022 at 5pm

What is Mandate Youth?

The Mandate Youth Committee brings together young Mandate activists united on issues and concerns both at home and abroad and allows us to promote within Mandate the voice of youth.

As young workers, we face specific issues not just at work but across society in general. Our Youth Committee will build a strong representative voice and we will use organising and campaigning as the key to building that voice and to constructing a stronger and more representative Mandate Trade Union.

Want to get involved?

Mandate Youth Network now needs your involvement as we work to develop programmes of action for all young workers in our Union. We are the future of the Trade Union Movement, help us to shape that future.

If you are interested in joining our Youth Committee, learning more about it or joining Mandate, send an email with your details to Amanda at

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