Marks and Spencer – Dundrum

To: All Mandate Members – M&S, Dundrum

Date: Friday 21st May 2021

Re: Bra Fitting Service – Health & Safety

Dear Member,

Please view correspondence sent to Ms. Eileen Armstrong, Store Manager, M&S, Dundrum in the above regarding for your information.

Yours fraternally,

Barbara Anderson, Industrial Officer

Ms. Eileen Armstrong
Store Manager
Marks and Spencer
Dundrum Shopping Centre
Dublin 16.


21st May 2021

Re: Bra Fitting Service – Health & Safety

Dear Ms. Armstrong,

I have been advised that the Company has reintroduced the Bra Fitting Service in the Dundrum Store.

You will be aware that concerns have already been raised at local level regarding our Members’ health and safety, while working in close proximity of others in the fitting rooms.

Our Members are extremely frustrated at the lack of support and understanding surrounding their fears of contracting Covid-19, while we are still in a Pandemic.

It would appear that while customers are required to make an online booking, some customers are arriving into the store expecting this service without any bookings been made.

I have been advised that Management are not discouraging this behavior. In fact they are bringing customers to the fitting rooms without appointments requiring another member of staff to work in the fitting rooms and in some cases the 15 minutes guideline for fitting is not been adhered to, leaving our Members at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

While Staff have been presented with a video on fitting bras safely, this is the only information they have received. Members have not been presented with a copy of any Risk Assessment carried out in your store regarding the reintroduction of this service to assure Members of their safety, specifically regarding the transmission of Covid-19 amongst the workers and the general public.

Given the above, I would ask that all necessary communications are taken immediately with the relevant Staff and as the Store Manager to ensure all safeguards are put in place.

In the interim, I am requesting that if the Bra Fitting Service does not meet the relevant Safety Operational Standards and the Return-to-Work Protocols, as set out by the Government and the HSE, that it be suspended with immediate effect.

I trust this matter will be treated with the urgency it deserves and that all Members can be assured of their safety.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Anderson

Cc: Ms. Caroline Burns, HR Manager (by email):