Marks & Spencer Member Update

To:          All Mandate Members – Marks & Spencer

Re:         Fixed Term Contract Holder Update

15 December 2022

Dear Members,

The Company have confirmed that by the end of January 2023, 180 staff who have reached the 12-month threshold between end of December 2022 and 31st January 2023 will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent position. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that there will be permanent jobs available at all locations involved and it is intended to advertise the permanent positions during the first two weeks in January 2023.

In addition, the Company have set up a process whereby a monthly review of fixed term workers’ contracts will take place to ensure certainty of tenure for those workers involved.

Finally, and importantly the Company have re-stated their commitment to the terms of our collective agreement which includes their obligations to staff on fixed term contracts.

Yours fraternally
On behalf of the Marks national negotiating team

Lorraine O’Brien
National Coordinator

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