Marks & Spencer National Team

RE:        Union/Company Negotiations, HR Redundancies

14 September 2023

Dear Colleague,

At yesterday’s Marks & Spencer National Negotiating Committee meeting three reps were agreed upon to attend next week’s union/management negotiations; Mary Derwin, Kay Gleeson and Eoghan Fox. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances Kay cannot attend. Following a conversation between Sandra Rock and Kay it was agreed that Sandra would replace Kay at next week’s meetings. I trust this is in order.

Any objections to same to be emailed to Jim Fuery at before close of business today. If there are no objections, the revised list of three names along with the four members from the impacted group, Sharon Kelly, Mary Hoban, Kim Donnelly and Rosemary Morrissey ratified at today’s meeting will be submitted to management.

Yours fraternally
For Mandate Trade Union

Jonathan Hogan
Assistant General Secretary