Marks & Spencer Shop Stewards – Mid Western Division

24th May 2021

Re:  Bra Fitting Service,

Please see below copy letter from Sandra Fagan, Marks & Spencer dated 18th May 2021 in response to Jonathan Hogan’s letter dated 17th May 2021 regarding the above for your information.

Karen Wall,
Divisional Organiser.

May 18th 2021

Mr. Jonathan Hogan
National Coordinator
O’Lehane House
9 Cavendish Row
Dublin 1

Re: Bra Fitting Service – Your Letter Dated May 17th.

Dear Mr. Hogan,

Further to your letter re the above I would respond as follows.

I can assure you that all necessary communications have taken place with all of our colleagues with regard to our re-opening our stores fully from May 17th 2021. In addition to our safety standards around Bra Fitting, these communications have included a refresher of our Return to Work Safety Protocols and any and all updated government and HSE guidance.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Fagan
Head of HR

Ms. Sandra Fagan
Head of HR
Marks & Spencer Ireland Ltd
24-29 Mary Street
Dublin 1

17 May 2021

RE: Bra Fitting Service

Dear Ms. Fagan,

I have been advised that the company intend to reintroduce the Bra Fitting Service from today 17th May 2021. Concerns have been raised about the implementation of this service and around how this service can be provided safely given the close proximity required of the employee and the customer.

The reuse and distribution of non-disposable tape from one customer to another has also been raised as a concern and questions have arisen in relation to whether the company have carried out a risk assessment regarding this niche service, specifically regarding the transmission of Covid 19 amongst the workers and general public.

Given the above, I would ask that all necessary communications are taken with the relevant staff and that all safeguards are put in place regarding the reopening of the stores and its services. Reflecting on the aforementioned I am requesting that if the Bra Fitting Service does not meet the relevant safety operational standards and the return-to-work protocols, as set out by the Government and the HSE, that it be suspended with immediate effect.

Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

Jonathan Hogan
National Coordinator

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