McCauleys Update – 29th June 2021

To: All Mandate Members – McCauleys

A meeting was held with the company on Thurs 3rd June 2021 to discuss the two outstanding issues i.e. Retrospection (Back Pay) of the 2% Pay Rise and the Payment of 2020 Tax Bills for members.

The company’s response was that it was not in a position to pay either as it could not afford to.  A copy of the company’s audited accounts has been provided to the Union, showing a loss of €3.1 million for yr ending the 30th September 2020.

A Reps meeting took place on Thurs evening last the 24th June 2021 to consider the company’s response.  After much debate it was decided that due to the company’s financial losses we were unlikely to make progress on the outstanding issues by referring them to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).  If we were to do so we would be in a long queue awaiting a Hearing which could take a number of months and very likely not produce a positive result and potentially delay opening negotiations on pay in October . 

It was the opinion of the majority of the Reps that it would be more productive to concentrate our efforts on trying to progress the issues important to the members which have been there since day one – Pay Scale, Sick Pay etc., and also to be ready in October to commence negotiations on a new round of talks to secure the next Pay Increase.

I will keep you informed of developments.



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