Member Update: Kavanagh’s SuperValu

5th August 2020

To:  All Mandate Members – KAVANAGH’S SUPERVALU

From: Ciaran Campbell (0872296962) & Gerard Halligan (0873674257)

Re: Upcoming Pay and Benefit Negotiations

Dear Member,

We hope you and your family are well. 

In order that Mandate properly prepares for the next set of pay and benefits negotiations which as you know will be due to start late 2019/early 2020, not only are we asking you to complete but also that you engage with all staff in your stores to encourage them to take the short time to complete the following survey . Please assure the staff you engage with that all answers and information will be kept strictly private and confidential to Mandate only. 

Click this button to complete the survey

Furthermore We need to emphasise that the important information we receive regards staff opinions, attitudes and hopes regards their future pay and terms and conditions will motivate our representations during the subsequent pay and benefits negotiations. This is very important and of huge significance, as it allows the negotiating team to make effective strong evidence based claims of your employer. This provides more chance of success in our efforts to secure better pay and benefits.

Real meaningful contributions by the ordinary grassroots worker cannot be understated. They are important for the negotiating team as it let’s us know where they stand and where we have to try and get to. It’s only a few short minutes that provides seriously important information that gives real meaning and context to what we have to try and achieve in early 2020. Please make every effort to engage with your fellow staff to get them to complete the survey. The more responses we get the stronger we can make our representations during the negotiations.

Hopefully we will meet again very shortly. 

Thanks and stay safe. 


Ciarán & Gerard

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