Mortons Supermarket – Ranelagh

To: All Mandate Members in Mortons Supermarket, Ranelagh

Re: Claim for Pay Increase

Date: 16th February 2022

Dear Member,

Please see below correspondence sent to Mr. Gary Morton in the above regard for your information. I will update you on any further developments.


Barbara Anderson


14th February 2022

Mr. Gary Morton
C. Morton & Sons Ltd
15-17 Dunville Avenue
Dublin 6.

Re: Claim for Pay Increase – Mandate Members

Dear Mr Morton,

I have been instructed by our members to submit a pay claim for an increase in the basic rate of pay.

It is our members belief that the commitment shown by Mandate Members, has contributed to the continuing success of Morton’s and the fact that our members have gone without a pay increase for a number of years.

As you will be aware, this year has seen the highest inflation figures in recent years across several sectors including fuel, housing, rent, energy costs, heating, electricity and hospitality.

For low paid workers the impact on actual spending power is immense and therefore, our members cannot afford to forego a pay increase any longer.

In this regard, I am now seeking a meeting at the earliest opportunity to address our pay claim and would appreciate if you would contact the undersigned to arrange a meeting at a mutual date and time.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Anderson

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