National Executive Council / Standing Orders Committee / Fraternal Delegates

29 March 2022

  RE:          Covid Protection Measures,  Delegate Conference, 4/5 April 2022, Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, Co Mayo

 Dear Delegate

At this stage you should have received most of your conference material and I trust, like me, you are looking forward to a successful and enjoyable conference in Castlebar.

Given the prevailing circumstances surrounding Covid and its persistent nature it is vitally important that we all play our part in making the conference as safe as possible for everybody in attendance. As you are probably aware the public position of Mandate is that the removal of the mandatory requirement to wear facemasks in retail outlets and public settings generally was premature. That is why when you arrive at the conference venue you will be provided with a satchel which contains a high-grade quality facemask and hand sanitizer. Along with this an ample supply of antigen tests will be made freely available for the use of conference attendees as needed.  It is requested that these items are proactively used in an appropriate manner to ensure the highest levels of protection possible. Facemasks will also be provided for use on the coach transfers between Westport and Castlebar.

I look forward to seeing you in Castlebar.

Yours sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

Gerry Light
General Secretary

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