Paddy Power: 2019 Rest Break Claims

25 January 2021

To:  All Mandate members Paddy Power

From:  Bill Abom, Mandate Trade Union (0876918688,

Re:  2019 Rest Break Claims

More than 75 members submitted claims in the Autumn of 2019 to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) through Mandate regarding violations of rest breaks that occurred during the previous six months.  The WRC is only now scheduling hearings for these claims which will be done remotely online. 

Mandate has notified those members who made claims of their hearing dates.  Mandate will also be scheduling online meetings with members to prepare beforehand.  Members will be represented at hearings by a Mandate union official.

The long delay in hearing these claims has come from two areas.  Firstly, delays due to Covid-19.  Secondly, Paddy Power management rejected efforts last year to have these claims consolidated into one “test case” and insisted that each individual complaint be heard thus wasting your time and the time of the WRC.  Paddy Power management also requested that each claim to be heard in person, but the WRC rejected this on current health and safety grounds.   

In addition it now appears that Paddy Power management is contacting members directly to confirm if they are proceeding with their claim.  This is simply being done to intimidate you to drop your claim.  Please be aware that you are not required to discuss your claim with the company and can instruct the company to contact your union representatives.  

The types of tactics being used by the company are nothing new.  Again they simply are meant to intimidate and to frustrate you from proceeding. 

Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Mandate.


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