Penneys – Canteen Closures

To:         Shop Stewards in Penneys Nine Affected Stores

Re:        Canteen Closures – Company’s Proposals

Date:     Friday 17th November 2023

Dear Colleague,

Please see below correspondence forwarded to Ms. Ann Lawlor, ER Specialist, regarding the Company’s Proposal regarding the closure of canteens in 9 Stores.

Ms. Ann Lawlor
Employee Relation Specialist
Primark Ltd
PO Box 664
Authur Ryan House
22 – 24 Parnell Street,
Dublin 1.

17th November 2023


By Email Only: 

Re:  Canteen Closures – Company’s Proposal

Dear Ms. Lawlor,

A meeting of Representatives from the nine affected stores met on 14th November last, to consider the Company’s offer of €1,000 to go into the Kitty of each affected store.

Our members expressed the importance of ensuring that the Kitty continues to be managed by the current individuals who have responsibility for the Kitty in each of the stores, that the money is used solely for the purchasing of tea, coffee, milk, sugar, bread and butter and is used by Mandate members only. Based on this the proposal was accepted.  It would be helpful if you could advise when the agreed sum will be put into the Kitty.

In addition, concerns were expressed by several stores regarding the deteriorating standard of hygiene and maintenance of the canteens.  This as you know was raised as a concern at a number of our meetings, and commitments were given by the Company that every effort would be made to ensure this would not happen. 

I would appreciate therefore if you would contact Management in all the nine stores in order to improve canteen standards.  We have advised our Representatives to raise this at local level also. 

I trust the above will be honoured. 

Yours sincerely

Divisional Organiser

Divisional Organiser