Penneys Killarney – House Committee Members

20th November 2023

Dear House Committee Member,

Thank you for meeting me last week and I look forward to working with you all going forward. I just wanted to send you all a summary of our meeting.

  • Distribution of Extra Hours: As you are aware I met with your Store Manager after our meeting. She informed me that all staff were due to be at the top of their bands from the next set of rosters. I also suggested to her as we discussed that if an issue occurs regarding the distribution of extra hours, they should put a list on the board of what extra shifts are available and seek volunteers for complete transparency.
  • Unfair allocation of Early/Afternoon/Evening shifts: Keep an eye on this over a few rosters so we can determine with evidence if this is taking place.
  • Managers doing general staff’s duties: If everyone is at the top of their bands and in exceptional circumstances, this is the only time this is acceptable. I have told your Store Manager the House Committee will continue to raise it with the managers if this practice continues. She agreed it should not be happening.
  • Heating concerns: I will be dropping in copies of the guidelines on Thursday for you to use.
  • Book of agreements: I will also be dropping these in on Thursday.
  • General communication to members: A general communication will be going out this week regarding how to raise any issue with yourselves or management, while also saying should you not feel comfortable for whatever reason going to the House Committee, please do not hesitate to contact the Mandate office directly.

I think that covers everything, I will see those of you who are in on Thursday.

Kind Regards,
John O’Donnell,
Industrial Officer Organiser.