Penneys Members

TO:          All Mandate Members employed by Penneys

24 September 2021

Dear Member,

Please be advised that representatives from Mandate Trade Union and Penneys met yesterday, 23rd September to discuss our outstanding Pay & Benefits Claim as well as a review of the Banded Hours Collective Agreement.

As a result of launching our survey on Friday 10th September the following items were discussed;

  1. Pay increase in line with current inflation
  2. Improvements in Banded Contracts
  3. Improvements in Notice Period for Rosters
  4. Other aspects of the Employment Contract such as Paid Maternity Leave

Both parties have agreed to consider their respective positions and have agreed to schedule a further meeting to discuss same.

We will advise you of any updates as they arise.

Yours fraternally
For Mandate Trade Union

Jonathan Hogan
National Coordinator

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