Penneys – Pay Proposals

To:          All Mandate Members

Re:         Pay & Benefits Proposals

9 November 2021

Dear Member

Further to a national Shop Steward meeting on the 8th November 2021 and ongoing negotiations between your Mandate representatives and your employer Penneys over the past number of months, we have reached a consensus on a new Pay and Benefits Proposal document for hourly paid Mandate members.

The proposal includes a 2% pay increase and an additional week’s notice of your roster, as well as a review of the Banded Hours Agreement. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the contents before you cast your vote. Click Here to view the proposals.

All hourly paid Mandate members employed by Penneys are entitled to vote on the proposals. As you would recall we surveyed the members in September 2021 to determine your priorities for negotiations with your employer.  The survey returned the top three priorities as follows,

1: Pay

2: Improvements to Banded Hours and

3: Improvements in the notice for rosters

The National Strategy Group are pleased to report the pay and benefits proposal addresses all three of your priorities.

Having regard to the prevailing circumstances the Penneys National Strategy Group are recommending acceptance of the proposals and a Yes vote. 

Online voting through SMS or email will commence in the coming days and you will receive notification as follows.


Voting will be conducted through our partners i.e. the Mi-Voice platform. You will receive an email from Members with a registered mobile phone number with Mandate will receive an SMS. If you can’t locate your email, you should first check your junk or spam folder, then contact Mi-Voice using or +353 (0) 1 513 3293.

Your voting email and SMS both contain your unique voter code, giving you access to the voting site. You should not share your voting email or SMS. Note that you will not be able to vote if anyone else uses your unique voter code. Please note that this ballot is private and confidential.

If you misplace your voting code, you should contact the support desk using or +353 (0) 1 513 3293. Mandate has a data protection agreement with Mi-Voice and this process is fully GDPR-compliant.

Yours sincerely,

The Penneys National Strategy Group