Penneys Shop Stewards

To:          All Mandate Shop Stewards – Penneys

Re:         Banded Hours Review Group Meeting

14 September 2021

Dear Colleague,

Given the imminent nature of the banded hours stores review due in mid/late September we have sought a meeting with the company to discuss same. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss that fact that the reference period for the September review period coincided with the midst of the global pandemic and multiple lockdowns which occurred, during that time. Accordingly a sub-committee of Mandate Trade Union’s National Negotiating Committee and Company Representatives are due to meet on Friday 17th September 2021.

It is envisaged that the the meeting will bring clarity to the review process. Furthermore given fluctuations in hours, it is important that any review of our members’ banded hours must be fair and reasonable and acknowledge the unique and exceptional circumstances of the period. There is little doubt that many of you have experienced both increases and decreases in hours, as well as store closures in the early parts of 2021.

We will keep you updated on the outcome of this review group meeting.

Yours fraternally

Penneys National Strategy Union Group

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