Penneys – Step Up Part Time Service Leaders


8 November 2022

Dear Member,

Following changes to the retail structure within the Penneys ROI stores, a number of meetings took place between Penneys Senior Management and Mandate’s National Negotiating Committee, regarding proposed changes to the role of Step-up Part-time Service Leaders. The Company have suggested that the changes are to have a simplified management structure and to align the management numbers per store across all stores, as well as meeting the evolving needs of the business and customers today.

As a result of these changes, members were advised at the end of June 2022 that the opportunity for colleagues to step up to a Service Leader position would cease. Following negotiations and a number of meetings between the Company and Mandate’s National Negotiating team, several matters have been discussed and negotiated, which are unique to this agreement and to the members impacted by these proposals, such as the buyout terms and the redeployment conditions associated with potential promotional opportunities for those who are successful in applying for the role of a Team Manager Role within their current store.  We would ask you to take time to read and understand the proposals before Voting.

This coming Friday, 11th November 2022 you should receive an email from or if you have a registered mobile with Mandate, an SMS along with your unique voter code, which will allow you vote. Please remember that each member will be able to vote once either using their email or by SMS.

If any member requires assistance with the online voting site or has not received their notification to vote, please contact Mi-Voice, who are managing the voting process on behalf of Mandate at or +353 1513 3293, and have your Union ID number to hand.

Closing dates for ballot votes is by 5.30pm on 24th November 2022

Outcome of the ballot will be communicated to members on 25th November 2022

Your sincerely
For Mandate Trade Union

The Penneys National Strategy Group

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