Date: 18th January 2021

To:- Shop Stewards/Activists, North & West Division


Just some advice regarding the above as it is very clear that this is becoming a more prevalent issues within your employments.

Further to some exploratory work by our Organiser Gerard Halligan we can provide the following information which should be of interest to you in these type of situations:-

The citizens information website clearly states that ‘it is mandatory for retail staff to wear a face covering unless there is a partition or they take all reasonable steps to keep 2 metre distance from others’.

This was further stated by Taoiseach Micheál Martin re ‘Mr Martin announced that retail staff will be required to wear face coverings unless there is a partition in place or a space of two metres between them and customers’, (see

Furthermore the website also states ‘The vast majority of people are already wearing face coverings in shops. Shop owners and managers of premises should engage with people entering or in their premises to inform them that they need to wear face coverings and should promote compliance’.

The foregoing references are accessible on the and 

This along with the legislative protections as per the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, workers have considerable means at their disposal to ensure that their respective employers are doing their level best for their staff during these very difficult times.

Yours fraternally

CIARÁN CAMPBELL                                                                                  GERARD HALLIGAN

Divisional Organiser                                                                            Organiser