Report from Tesco National Shop Stewards Meeting

Date: 3rd June 2022

To: All Mandate Members in Tesco

Re: Membership Update following National Shop Stewards Meeting on the 1st June 2022

Dear members

As you already know, Tesco Ireland made an announcement on Monday, 30th May that they will be implementing a pay increase for all Tesco workers over the coming weeks.

This decision was made without agreement with your Union. The pay declaration made by Tesco does not address several elements of your claim, including:

Have your say

On Wednesday, 1st June a meeting of all Tesco shop stewards took place where it was agreed that Mandate should launch a survey to seek feedback from all Tesco workers on the company’s decision to make these unilateral changes.

Over the coming weeks Mandate will launch the 2022 Tesco Pay & Benefits Survey and it is important all Tesco workers complete it. We need to establish whether Tesco workers are satisfied with Tesco’s removal of your right to collectively bargain and reach a negotiated agreement on pay.

Strengthen your Union

Should you wish to become active in your Store Union structures, please contact your local Official ( by clicking here ) for further details.

It is more important now than ever that all Tesco workers are members of your Union. If there are any workers in your store who are not members of Mandate you should encourage them to join today. They can do so at


Tesco is a highly profitable company with sales in the Republic of Ireland growing by 8.8% in 2020/21 in the UK and ROI but ROI sales growing by almost double that at 13.7%. This followed exceptional profit growth of 16.9% the year before. It is estimated Tesco Ireland is making profits of more than €300m per year yet they themselves announced that the measures introduced would only cost them €40m. Your shop stewards believe the company can easily afford to improve pay and conditions of employment in the company. 

Yours fraternally 

Tesco National Negotiating Team

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