Tesco Retail Security Officers (RSOs) Understanding Document

Date: 1st March 2022

To: All Retail Security Officers (RSOs)

Re: Understanding Document

Dear Member

Further to the meeting of RSOs on Friday 25th February, you can review a copy of the agreed understanding document between your RSO Negotiating Team and The Company here.

We have set out some advice regarding each of the 3 options below. Should you require any further assistance please contact your local union office.

Yours fraternally
On Behalf of the RSO Negotiating Committee

Jonathan Hogan

1. Alternative Positions in Store or Alternative Store
If you are not provided with a copy of the vacancies for your store ensure that you request them as a matter of priority.

2. Transferring to OCS
It is essential that you make your Store Manager aware of your desire to sit down with them at your earliest opportunity. This is to ensure that you make the most use of the time available. This meeting is to clarify your terms and conditions of employment, both expressed (written into your contract) and implied (those that have developed over a period of time). Please see the below checklist to guide you through this meeting.

Rate of Pay: Clarify your rate of pay per hour.

Working Hours: Confirm the number of hours you work and the rate that you get paid for these hours (eg 45 flat rate/39 flat rate + 6 overtime (time + 1 half) etc.)

Patterns of Hours: Clarity regarding the regular pattern you have been working. Depending on your personal circumstances it might be appropriate to provide evidence of same through rosters/print out of hours worked over preceding months/years. Important to clarify earlies/lates and/or Sunday working.

Annual Leave: If you have a local agreement outside of collective agreements for annual leave entitlement this should be expressed in the document. Discuss any annual leave already booked to ensure that this honored by OCS.

Public Holidays: If you have a local arrangement outside of collective agreements for public holiday entitlement that this is expressed in the document. Also important to consider arrangements regarding specific days eg Good Friday/Christmas etc.

As we found through the recent survey of RSOs there are a multitude of local agreements that have developed over many years. This is your opportunity to clarify these in a document that you can refer to into the future. This process is not intended to augment your terms and conditions of employment, instead it is intended to provide you with the ultimate protection and reassurance should you intend transferring to OCS.

3. Voluntary Severance
Closing date for applications is Tuesday, March 8th.

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