SuperValu MOPI Store Forums

To:                   All SuperValu MOPI Shop Stewards, Deputy Shop Stewards & House Committee Members

Re:                   Store Forums
                        Vaccination Roll Out

From:              Keith Pollard – Divisional Organiser

06th May 2021

Dear Member

We hope this correspondence finds you and yours, safe and well.

Store Forum Process

Given the current restrictions in place with regard to COVID-19 it has not been possible to hold the Store Forum meetings as they were envisaged. However, it is still extremely important that our members have a process in place that affords them the opportunity to raise in-store issues so that they can be dealt with by Local Management.

In order to achieve this the following process should be adhered to in each store.

  • Shop Stewards to provide agenda items to Store Managers using the agenda items section of the House Committee meeting document. Click Here For Copy of Document.
  • Store Manager to review and revert to the shop steward with 5 days.
  • Copy of agenda and actions to be displayed on the colleague notice board.

Please be advised that hard copies of the attached House Committee Meeting Document are available from your Store Manager. It has been raised on numerous occasions in the past with Mandate that Store Forums are not taking place, for whatever reason, in certain stores. Therefore Mandate have decided to set up a centralised Store Forum Tracker system. In order to assist us in operating this system we are requesting that each Shop Steward submit their Store Forum agenda items to Mandate by using the following email address

Mandate have also requested that the Company supply a copy of the agenda and actions resulting from same to be sent to the above email address so that the tracker can be completed. We await their response.

COVID-19 Vaccination Roll Out

As you are all undoubtedly aware, the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is thankfully underway nationwide. SuperValu MOPI have confirmed to us that no member will have to be at a financial loss due to them availing of their alloted vaccine appointment. Therefore if your vaccine appointment is scheduled to take place during your rostered hours of attendance in work the Company will afford you unpaid time off to attend the appointment and you can work back the time later in the week. Alternatively if you do not want to work back the time then you can inform your manager of this and simply take unpaid time off for your appointment.

As always, if you have any questions or queries with regard to the contents of this correspondence please do not hesitate to contact your relevant Mandate Official.

Finally, please ensure that you make yourself aware of and adhere to all the latest Health & Safety Protocols issued with regard to COVID-19 so as to make sure that you, your colleagues and your families remain as safe as is possible.

Yours fraternally
On Behalf of the MOPI National Team

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser

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