SuperValu (MOPI) Swords

To: All Mandate Members in SuperValu (MOPI) Swords

Re: Annual Leave Booking Deadline & Water Proof Clothing (Online Drivers)

Date: 24th October 2023

Dear Members,

I hope this correspondence finds you well.

A number of members from your store have been in contact with the undersigned directly and through your Mandate Shop Steward and House Committee members with regard to correspondence that they received from the Company in relation to booking their annual leave for the P1 holiday period weeks 1 – 18 before Thursday 26th October 2023. The deadline of the 26th October is in breach of agreements that are in place between your union and the Company.

Mandate have raised this matter with the Company and have been assured that members have until the 30th November 2023 to submit their annual leave requests before any decision is taken to allocate annual leave to members. Obviously, the earlier a member submits their requests the better chance they have of it being available for them to take.

Furthermore, a query has been raised with the undersigned by members employed as Online Drivers with regard to the rain gear that has been provided to them from the Company. The members in question have stated that the rain gear provided is not suitable and is indeed not water proof. Upon receipt of this query the undersigned has contacted the Company and been informed that the wrong uniform was ordered by mistake and that the Company are actively in the process of procuring the appropriate rain gear for the members who require it.

Mandate will keep you updated with regard to these matters.

Finally, as you are aware Mandate are currently carrying out our SuperValu MOPI National Membership survey in advance of entering into negotiations on a new Pay & Benefits 2024 Agreement. It is imperative that you have your voice heard so if you have not completed your survey please do so now by CLICKING HERE:

Yours fraternally,

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser