SuperValu (MOPI) Swords Online Drivers

To: All Mandate Online Driver Members in SuperValu (MOPI) Swords

Re: Online Drivers General Meeting

Date: 09th November 2022

Dear Members,

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Drivers who managed to attend the lunchtime General Meeting on Monday 7th November 2022. It is my view that the meeting was extremely beneficial and constructive.

Secondly, you may recall from the meeting that it was stipulated by the undersigned that any issues with the Smart Routes system should be logged in the correct manner after each delivery and that training would commence this week with a view to ensuring that all Drivers are aware of the correct procedure to input any comments. It is my understanding that this training is due to commence tomorrow.

An issue since the meeting has been brought to my attention with regard to eircodes and the fact that on occasion the Eircode when inputted into google maps can bring the Driver to the house next door or two doors away. I have raised this matter with the Company and they have informed me that this issue is not with Smart Routes but in fact a problem with the National Eircode system and as such cannot be rectified by the Company. If the smart routes system brings you to the next door neighbours address then there is no need to log this as an error on the smart routes app as it is out of the control of the Company and should not have any impact upon delivery times.

All Drivers in attendance at the meeting will be aware that we requested that the minutes of the meeting should be shared with all Drivers, to view a copy of the minutes please click here:

Finally, it is my intention to follow up with the Company in early December 2022 with regard to the Smart Routes system and to identify any issues that have not been addressed by them arising from the comments provided by you on the system. I propose that I will be accompanied by your Shop Steward, Mr. Johnny Murphy, Mr. Stephen Moans and Mr. Paul O’Hare as your representatives at any meeting held with the Company in respect of this matter.

Yours fraternally,

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser

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