Tesco – Ballyfermot

To:  All Mandate Members – Tesco, Ballyfermot

Re:   Communication Update on the Position of Shop Steward for your Store

Date:  Friday 16th July 2021

Dear Member,

Further to the recent Advertisement/Nomination Process regarding the Shop Steward position in the Ballyfermot Store, I am pleased to announce that we received two nominations for this role

The following Members have put themselves forward for the role of Shop Steward and as a consequence of this, a ballot will need to be conducted to elect the new Shop Steward.

  • Mr. Andrew Boughton
  • Mr. James Lawlor

Subsequently a Ballot Paper will be posted to your Home Address next Wednesday 21st July 2021. Please place an X in the box beside the name of the Candidate you have chosen and return in the envelope provided to Ms. Josie Doran, Deputy Shop Steward, (no later than Friday 30th July 2021), who will return all Ballot Papers collectively to Mandate Trade Union’s Head Office.

As a Mandate Member this is your opportunity to vote for your chosen Shop Steward. Therefore, it is imperative that all Mandate Members take this opportunity to vote. For this reason, we would ask all Mandate Members to update their current Postal Address, if necessary, with Mandate to ensure their participation in this ballot. You can update your details in the area provided below and click “Submit”.

Please submit your contact details below, if necessary, by next Tuesday 20th July 2021.

A count of all returned ballot papers will be held in the Mandate Training Centre on Friday 3rd August 2021 and Members will be advised accordingly of the results.

The successful nominee will be required to complete the relevant training course, which will be provided virtually by Mandate Trade Union.   Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if you have any queries with regard to the contents of this correspondence on (01) 8746321 or at the email address below.

Yours fraternally,

Barbara Anderson,
Industrial Officer


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