Tesco Express – Bray

To: All Mandate Members in Tesco Express, Bray.

Re: Outreach Meeting

Date: Monday 11th July 2023

Dear Member,

Following the delivery of your Pay & Benefits Claim to Tesco Head Office yesterday morning, there is an outreach meeting taking place with the Mandate Official, Ken Reilly in Molloys Coffee Shop, Quinsboro Road this Thursday 13th July from 3:15pm to 4:00pm if you wish to discuss same or for any member who might like to discuss an employment issue or seek advice.

Additionally, if you would like to discuss the Dot.Com Workers Campaign, you can also speak to Ken.

If you are aware of any work colleague who may be interested in joining Mandate Membership, please advise your colleague they are welcome to drop over if they would like to speak to someone from Mandate with a view to joining your Union.

Yours fraternally,

Ken Reilly
Industrial Officer