Tesco – Ireland

To: All Mandate Members


Date: 4th December 2021

Dear Member 

I wish to advise that following a national secret ballot the above proposals have been rejected by a majority of 88% of those participating in the ballot. Clearly this is an emphatic outcome and the democratic will of the members must now be fully respected.  

Furthermore, the views expressed at the numerous store based ballot meetings over the past number of weeks will be taken on board and used to determine the next steps.  At this stage it is clear that the model of consolidated wage rates as presented in the proposals was fundamentally unacceptable. It is also obvious at this stage that our members placed great importance on securing an appropriate wage increase that not only reflects the significant recent rises in the cost of living but also the immeasurable contribution they have made as staff of the Tesco Ireland business particularly since the arrival of Covid-19.   

As an immediate next step we will inform your employer of the outcome of the ballot vote and based on Tesco’s response and through an ongoing process of consultation with you the members and store based Shop Stewards we will endeavour to determine the shape of where we go from here. 

In conclusion, on behalf of the national negotiating team I would like to thank everybody who took the time to not only participate in the balloting process but also to offer up their constructive views. After nearly five years of non-engagement with your employer the balloting exercise demonstrated that members are more than willing to actively engage on matters pertinent to their terms and conditions of employment. It is vitally important that this level of activism is maintained into the future in order to ensure the best outcome for all our members employed in Tesco Ireland. 

If you wish to become active within Mandate Trade Union, please speak to your Shop Steward, House Committee members or contact your local Union Office (click linkfor more information.   

Yours sincerely, 

For Mandate Trade Union,

Gerry Light  
General Secretary  

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