Tesco Mandate Shop Stewards Midlands & North Eastern Divisions

To:              All Tesco Shop Stewards

Re:              Tesco Divisional Meeting – Midlands & North Eastern Divisions

From:         Amanda Kane & Keith Pollard – Mandate Trade Union

Date:          20th May 2021

Dear Shop Steward,

Further to our correspondence dated 13th May 2021 (see copy below) regarding the upcoming Tesco Shop Stewards Divisional Meeting, we note that you have not confirmed your availability to attend same.

It would be appreciated if you could confirm your availability, or nominate another Member of the House Committee to attend same, by completing your details or the nominated Member’s details below.

Thanking you.

Yours fraternally,

Amanda Kane,                                           Keith Pollard,

Divisional Organiser.                                Divisional Organiser.

The next Tesco Divisional Meeting will take place on Tuesday, 25th May 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.


  • Pay & Benefits Claim 2021
  • COVID-19
  • Banded Hours (2006 Agreement) Brief Refresher Training 

Please submit your Name and Contact Details in the space provided below if you are available to attend the Zoom Meeting.   If you cannot attend yourself, please ask a House Committee Member if they are able to attend in your place. If you are nominating a House Committee Member to attend in your place please submit their name and details below.

Yours fraternally,

Amanda Kane, Divisional Organiser (Midlands Division)
Keith Pollard, Divisional Organiser (North Eastern Division)


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