Tesco Member Update

To:      All Mandate Members, Tesco Ireland

Re:      General Update

12 August 2022

Dear Members,

Further to Mandate’s correspondence of 25th July 2022 and the Company’s subsequent response of 28th July 2022, regarding the unilateral introduction of consolidated rates of pay for new starters and assurances given by the Company in relation to the distribution of available hours, please click here for Mandate’s response to the Company with regard to these matters and additional issues arising from the Company’s decision to continue with online meetings for the purposes of conducting Grievance and Disciplinary Hearings. 

As you are aware, Mandate is currently conducting our National Tesco Membership Survey. Since the launch of the Survey, we have had a positive number of responses, however we want to hear the views of all Tesco Staff, therefore we are requesting that if you have not already done so that you take a couple of minutes to complete the Survey and have your say by clicking here.

As a result of monitoring the current responses to the Survey and from members’ reports in certain locations, we understand that members are experiencing their hours being reduced, and in some situations reduced to the bottom of their bands.  Therefore, we wish to take this opportunity to once again highlight to our members that the distribution of available hours to current staff and the inclusion of increases to members’ bands of hours, is provided for under Section 2 of our 2006 Collective Agreement with Tesco Ireland where it states that:

From time-to-time additional hours may become available for staff over and above the hours outlined on their contract. Although a staff member is not obliged to work hours in excess of their band, they may want to avail of these hours if they arise. When these hours are no longer available, they will return to working hours within their contracted band.

In the event that a staff member consistently works hours in excess of their band for 4 months or more they are given the option to move up into the band which reflects the number of hours the staff member has been working.

Furthermore, with regard to vacancies, Section 2 of the 2006 Agreement clearly states the following:

Vacancies will be advertised internally within the company in the first instance.

For more information with regards to Banded Hours and Mandate’s 2006 Collective Agreement with Tesco Ireland, please click here to view a short explanation video on the Agreement.  Mandate has also developed a Banded Hours Pack to assist our members.  

Should any of our members wish to apply for an increase in their Band of Hours, having regard to the terms of the 2006 Agreement, please feel free to contact your local Shop Steward or Union Office (link) for further information and assistance with regards same.

Yours fraternally

The Tesco National Team

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