Tesco Members Ballinamore

Date: 17th December 2021
To: All Mandate Members Tesco Ballinamore
From: Eoin Griffin, Divisional Organiser
Re: Seeking of Nominations for Shop Steward and House Committee

Dear Member

I hope this correspondence finds you all safe and well. We are seeking to reconstitute the representative structures in Tesco Ballinamore. To this end nomination forms for the position of shop steward and house committee member have been circulated to Ms. Olive Leddy and are available in store.

Mandate collectively bargain on behalf of General Assistants, Team Leaders and RSOs and anyone who works in any of these roles and is a Mandate Member is entitled to be nominated/propose a candidate. In circumstances where there are more nominations than positions an election will be arranged without undue delay.

Nominations to be returned to the Galway Office no later than Friday the 7th of January 2021 in the return envelope provided. Training will be arranged for those nominated into position as a matter of priority in the New Year.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the contents of this correspondence please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Yours fraternally

Eoin Griffin
Divisional Organiser

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