Tesco Members – Pay & Benefit Pledge Card

21st December 2022


Dear Member,

I hope you are keeping well.   Recently a Tesco Pay & Benefits Pledge Card was posted to all Mandate Members in Tesco, for whom we have a postal address.  We are requesting all members working in Tesco to sign the pledge to support the Pay & Benefits Claim and return it by freepost to Mandate Head Office. 

The pledge card is part of a National Tesco Pay & Benefits Campaign and the sooner the pledge cards are returned to the Union the sooner Mandate can formally lodge the Pay & Benefits Claim with Tesco Management on your behalf.  This style of pledge has proven to be a very effective tool with other Company’s such as Dunnes Stores,  it is therefore imperative that all Tesco Mandate Members complete and submit their pledge at the earliest opportunity. 

Unfortunately, we do not have a current postal address for you on our Membership Database, and if you would like a Pledge Card to be posted to you please email my secretary Maria Nolan @ mnolan@mandate.ie to request one.  

Yours fraternally

Michael Meegan,
Divisional Organiser.   

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