Tesco Members Update

DATE:    23rd July 2021

FROM:    Tesco National Negotiating Committee

TO:         All Mandate Members in Tesco

RE:          Update On Company’s Initial Proposals

Dear Member

Firstly we hope you are enjoying the good weather, we just wanted to reach out to you following yesterday’s negotiations.

In general terms the negotiations are progressing and have been constructive in nature. The Company have provided some information and clarity on a number of their agenda points which as you will recall are Pension, Sick Pay, Family Leave and Pay/Consolidated Rate.

We are aware that it’s the company’s intention to share some of the details around their initial proposal. Please note that your negotiating team regard this very much as an opening position and as such that information comes with a health warning as all of the matters are still the subject to ongoing negotiations.

Your negotiating team will review the company’s proposals in detail over the coming week, consult with your Shop Stewards at next Tuesday’s Regional meetings and respond to the company at our scheduled meetings with the company which are planned to take place on the 4th and 10th of August.

As the issue of pensions are complex in nature we will discuss that matter with our expert pension advisor so that we can fully assess the company proposal before responding on your behalf. We will also endeavour to send you a broad update on how pension schemes work, the difference between Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) etc. as a matter of priority.

Once we fully understand the company’s proposals and have our queries and questions clarified, your negotiating team will put forward our position regarding your Pay Claim.

Finally, it is critically important to remember that that in the event of a proposal emerging from these negotiations, Union members will be get an opportunity through a democratic ballot to vote and make a decision on the proposals.

We will of course keep you updated of any further developments.

Yours fraternally

Tesco National Negotiating Team

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