Tesco Mitchelstown Members – Notice Of Ballot

To:      All Mandate Members, Tesco, Mitchelstown

Re:      Ballot on WRC Proposals

1st November 2021

Dear Member

Please be advised that your Mandate Official will be in your store to conduct a Ballot on the WRC Proposals.  The following are the arrangements for your store:

Date: Thursday 18th November 2021

Time: 10am – 6pm

At the meeting with members, we will be able to clarify any questions or queries you may have.  In advance of your meeting, we will provide you with a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Document which should help you to get a better understanding of the proposals. We would ask that you read the document carefully before your meeting.

Please make every effort to attend your store at the time of the ballot to make your vote count.  Mandate members are the only participants in the Ballot on the WRC document.  Only full members of Mandate with eight weeks union subs paid prior to the ballot will be entitled to participate in the vote.

Yours fraternally
for Mandate Trade Union

Lorraine O’ Brien
Divisional Organiser