Tesco – Rathfarnham

To: All Mandate Members – Tesco Rathfarnham

Re: Shop Steward for Tesco Rathfarnham

Date: 18th January 2021

Dear Member,

It is important that your views are made known at the Tesco National Shop Stewards Meeting tonight at 7.30pm.

To ensure this, the undersigned will need the name of one member who is willing to attend tonight’s zoom meeting on behalf of all the Mandate Members in the Tesco Rathfarnham Store.

If you are interested please contact Maria Nolan on her work mobile 0873884178 or by email to mmeegan@mandate.ie with you contact details, i.e., your mobile number and your email address by 5.00pm this evening.

Yours fraternally,

Michael Meegan
Divisional Organiser

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