Tesco Representatives – Southern Division

11th May  2021

Re:  Tesco Divisional Strategy Meeting

Dear Colleague

You will recall at the conclusion of our last Divisional Meeting held on 12th April 2021, we discussed and agreed the necessity to meet on a consistent basis. Last week you will have received an update from Mandate regarding our attempts to engage with the company on a range of issues related to pay and conditions and as part of our divisional activity, we should meet to consider the situation as it currently stands and how best to progress our agenda.

 Therefore you are invited to attend a Zoom Meeting of Tesco Representatives on:


When we last met we discussed the necessity to build on the participation levels both at Store and Divisional level. We also identified the need to grow our local union structures and to support this objective you were requested to complete an up to date membership list for your store. This information is vital to establish a true picture of the density levels in your stores and will assist us in broadening store structures and with future planning across the stores in the division.  In order to ensure that we have a productive next meeting, I would appreciate if not already done, this project should be returned to our Office by Friday 21st May 2021.

A Zoom link with meeting details will be circulated over the coming days and your attendance is crucial to ensure we have a full understanding of the views of the members in your store to inform the national agenda.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting

Yours sincerely

Lorraine O’Brien
Divisional Organiser

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