Tesco Reps North Eastern & Midlands Divisions

To: All Tesco Representatives – North Eastern & Midlands Divisions
Re: Mandate/Tesco Agreements
From: Keith Pollard & Amanda Kane
Date: 04th February 2021

Dear Member,

We have recently been informed that some Shop Stewards & House Committee Representatives do not have a copy of the manual of Tesco Agreements. Therefore we have put them altogether in a pdf format document for your convenience. Please click here Tesco Agreements to access the document, a password is required to access the document and this will be sent to you via a separate text message.

Should you have any problems opening or accessing these documents, please do not hesitate to contact Anne-Marie Murnane on 018870708 or email amurnane@mandate.ie 

If required we can forward this correspondence to you via email on request.

We encourage you to continue to ask your colleagues, friends and family employed in the Bar or Retail Trade to join your union Mandate. Remember we are stronger together.

Yours Fraternally

Keith Pollard                                                     Amanda Kane
Divisional Organiser                                         Divisional Organiser
kpollard@mandate.ie                                       mkane@mandate.ie



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