Tesco Temple Bar Collective Grievance Update

DATE:      1st December 2020

TO:          All Mandate Members Tesco Temple Bar 

FROM:    Eoin Griffin 

RE:          Collective Grievance 

Dear Members

Please see below correspondence sent to the Store Manager and Ms. Mary White, Colleague Relations Partner.

Yours Fraternally,

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer

Mr. Declan Tyrrell,
Store Manager,
Tesco Temple Bar,
Fleet Street,
Dublin 2.

Re: Tesco Temple Bar Collective Grievance

Dear Mr. Tyrrell,

Please find attached a collective grievance from members of Mandate in Tesco Temple Bar. The members concerned anticipate the company will engage with the contents of their grievance as early as possible given its time sensitive nature of the matter in dispute.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that an agreed arrangement on these issues can be found in conjunction with our local union representative.

Yours sincerely,
For Mandate Trade Union,

Eoin Griffin
Industrial Officer

CC Ms. Mary White, Colleague Relations Partner (email only)
All Mandate Members Tesco Temple Bar

Staff Collective Grievance
Tesco Temple Bar

1st December 2020

“We, the undersigned staff of Tesco Temple Bar wish to raise our concerns at the company’s decision to alter our long established Christmas Trading arrangements.

Last year the shop traded until 7pm on Christmas Eve, this year it is planned that we will trade until 9pm. Dublin Bus traditionally run their last service at 9pm on Christmas Eve, coupled with reduced capacity, this will present staff with huge problems getting home.

This is the first time in Temple Bar that working past 5.15pm on Christmas Eve is being considered on a non-voluntary basis. Normally arrangements are made in good time, with staff being engaged with at a local level. We are also concerned that with lock-up procedures that it takes up to 30 minutes post-closing to customers for staff to be ready to leave the building.

We are asking that all of the Christmas trading hours for Tesco Temple Bar be reviewed and that the shop trade in line with its trading hours from previous years. This is primarily a staff welfare issue.”

(Signed online via SurveyMonkey)

Adam Rooney
Amy Byrne
Carly Swaine
Charlene O’Brien
Christine Cordingley
Dwaine Mahon
Josh Coleman
Keith Biggins
Keith Mc Cluskey
Lauren Doyle
Leah Whelan
Leon Bannerman
Luisa McNeill
Mark Dowling
Melissa O’Brien
Natalia Benedito
Niamh Flood
Niamh O’Reilly
Rachel Walker
Rafi Alam
Saoirse Foster
Sarajane Eccles
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