Tesco Update for all Mandate members

Dear Tesco members,

Your Union has been made aware of some recent worrying developments within Tesco Ireland. As such, we have sent correspondences to the company outlining our position: You can read these items of correspondences here:

  • Refusal of the company to participate in face-to-face meetings.
  • Reported loss of earnings due to reduced hours to the bottom of bands following the recent pay declaration.
  • New workers to start on new contracts with inferior terms of conditions of employment in breach of established collective agreements.

These activities from Tesco are part of a wider pattern where the company is making important changes to your terms and conditions of employment without any reference to you or your union. Ultimately these decisions have the real potential to negatively affect you and your colleagues.

Your Union and Tesco have negotiated collective agreements going back over many years which determine conditions of employment in Tesco Ireland and should only be changed through a secret ballot of members. However, Tesco is making changes despite the existence of these agreements and will increasingly continue to behave like this if you let them.

If you disagree with Tesco’s actions and want to maintain a strong collective voice within the company, it’s time to become more active and more vocal. We’re asking you to do three things:

  1. If you haven’t already completed the Tesco Pay & Benefits Survey, please do so today by clicking here.
  2. Please share the survey with your colleagues through Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger or any other method.
  3. Talk to your colleagues about your concerns in Tesco and make sure everyone in your store is a member of their Union. They can join at www.joinmandate.ie.

Given these most recent developments It has never been more important for all Tesco workers to be a member of their union. Tesco workers enjoyed some of the best terms and conditions in retail because those workers were active and fought for them through their trade union. It’s time to recover that ground and get organised to ensure Tesco workers are properly rewarded for their efforts.

On behalf of the Tesco National Committee

Gerry Light

Mandate General Secretary

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